Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year 🚀 with more face-to-face dialogue 😏 and fewer emails, chat messages, text messages, and posts on different platforms.

When do we deliver value and help each other? 🤔 We do so when we truly understand one another.

How do we understand each other? 🤔 Through high-quality communication—I believe the best form is face-to-face, ideally in front of a whiteboard or in the presence of what you are building or fixing. Online tools can also be effective.

As a Project Manager and Scrum Master, my goal is to build teams with shared objectives 🎯, where team members are familiar with each other and have a clear understanding of their individual capabilities and contributions.

👉 Let’s build strong teams that comprehend each other and deliver great results in 2024.

Why? In the age of virtual global distributed teams, it’s easy to:

  • Forget that we are all human beings. 😑
  • Turn off the webcam. 😑
  • Focus solely on tasks and facts. 😑
  • Mainly send chat messages and emails.😑

The only advantage of this approach is reducing the load on your internet connection. The downside is a lower quality of communication with your colleagues:

  • You will spend days emailing about an issue that could be solved in 5 minutes with a quick call.
  • You will neglect the potential within your team because you don’t know what they are truly capable of.

Once you’ve invested time in understanding your team, it’s okay to use low-bandwidth communication forms—chat and email. But don’t overdo it.

👉 Let’s prioritize face-to-face communication in the new year!